Amud Rur

Land or Air-Based Vehicle
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

The dwarf was not disappointed with the vehicle as he inspected it on the guards’ drill field. The Drax craftsmen of Blackengorge had worked wonders in the time that they had - the wagon looked sturdy and defensible and strong enough to carry any load. It had already been laden with a number of goods as well as enough tents for all of the travellers and a tenday worth of food for them all. Khalin had ensured that a small set of tools - a bow saw, small hand axe, and hammer - as well as materials to replace any wear and tear on the wagon, including a spare wheel, had been stowed safely on board.

The wheels had been fitted with an iron rim, presumably crafted by Caldring or her apprentice Kaden Small, to ensure they lasted the journey intact. The yoke and reins for the oxen were supple deer leather. The main carcass of the wagon was built from pine from the trees of Deepdale, cured and hardened by the look of them. The shelf for the drover and some of the catches and clasps around the sides were of a softer wood, from the broadleaf trees towards the sea.

After checking that everything was tied down and secure and space remained on the rear plate for the combined groups’ packs, Khalin stood back and admired the wagon. It was strong, well crafted and the bands of iron would herald its coming. It would lead them into an old, and yet new, world. ’Amud Rur’ he named it in the dwarven tongue - ’Rolling Thunder’


Amud Rur


Amud Rur